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IGA offers sequencing, bioinformatics services and customer-oriented software development through its subsidiary IGATech.

In 2009, IGA funded IGA Technology Services.
IGATech, the leading Italian provider of genomic research services, uses Illumina Next Generation Sequencing technology. As a certified Illumina service provider (Propel), IGATech offers services for human, animal, plant and microorganism research. IGATech also provides bioinformatics and customer-oriented analyses. IGATech benefits from research performed at IGA and translates innovative research into products and services that are made available to its customers.

IGATech customers are scientists in research centers, healthcare institutions, diagnostics laboratories, and R&D labs of private companies.

Profits from IGATech commercial operations are reinvested in IGA, the non-profit holding institution, providing self-funding for new strategic investments. To stay at the forefront, IGA and IGATech are continually assessing newly developed technologies to identify breakthroughs in genomic research.