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Transposable elements

The Morgante lab has a long-lasting commitment to studying the dynamics of transposable elements in plants and how they shaped the genome of crop species. In addition to characterizing this portion of the genome in the frame of collaborative sequencing projects, Morgante’s lab has recently published papers on this specific subject in melon, olive, and conifers, extending to other crops past groundbreaking findings in corn.

Sanseverino et al (2015) Transposon Insertions, Structural Variations, and SNPs Contribute to the Evolution of the Melon Genome. Molecular Biology and Evolution 32(10):2760-2774.

Barghini et al (2015) LTR retrotransposon dynamics in the evolution of the olive (Olea europaea) genome. DNA Research 22(1):91-100

Zuccolo et al (2015) The Ty1-copia LTR retroelement family PARTC is highly conserved in conifers over 200 MY of evolution. Gene 568(1):89-99