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Work with us!

IGA offers temporary positions and fellowships for PhDs and post-docs in the frame of funded research projects. 
Open positions will be advertised in relation to specific running projects.

PhD positions. Learn with us!

IGA grants PhD fellowships at the University of Udine and in the area of plant genomics and bioinformatics.

IGA PhD students are enrolled in the PhD program of University of Udine and conduct research at IGA in the frame of funded research projects. Visit the University of Udine website for additional information on your application, topics, mentors.

Internships at IGA. Practice with us!

IGA hosts Master students and PhD students from academic and research institutions, upon specific agreements with their home institutions.

IGA organises guided visits of high school students, during the European Biotech Week.

Visiting scientists. Stay with us!

Scientists from research institutions and private companies are welcome for short training and research stages.

To join a research team, please contact us.


Due to the Covid-19-related restrictions, there activities are temporarily suspended.