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IGA is sequencing and assembling the genome of the Coffea arabica variety 'Bourbon', in a collaborative project with coffee brands IllyCaffè and Lavazza and the scientific partners University of Padua and DNA Analytica. We are using a combined approach of whole-genome shotgun NGS and NGS of BAC pools.

A coffee genome reference sequence derived from the diploid species Coffea canephora is already available to the scientific community.

The Italian consortium of the coffee industry, pioneered by IllyCaffè and Lavazza, has funded the challenging effort of sequencing the tetraploid genome of Coffea arabica, the cultivated species with the finest bean and cup quality that accounts for 59 % of the world’s coffee production. We have used the historical variety 'Bourbon', the founder of quality coffee varieties, to assemble a reference genome for Coffea arabica.

Thanks to a collaboration with World Coffee Research, the multifasta file of the assembled sequence scaffolds is freely downloadable here.

Scalabrin et al (2020) A single polyploidization event at the origin of the tetraploid genome of Coffea arabica is responsible for the extremely low genetic variation in wild and cultivated germplasm. Scientific Reports 10(1):4642

Funded by Italian coffee industry, IllyCaffè and Lavazza

Status: current project