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25 November 2016

Genetics and Technologies of Grapevines at ICI London

The round table is one of the events organised for the Week of Italian Cuisine in the World and takes place ICI in collaboration with ACCADEMIA ITALIANA DELLA CUCINA ITALIANA

Genetics and new technologies as they apply to food and wine production, specifically in the field of viticulture. 

  • Prof. Michele Morgante, Full Professor of Genetics, University of Udine “Grapevine Genetics”
  • Prof. Osvaldo Failla, Full Professor of Viticulture, University of Milan “The History of Grapevines: the cultural
  • heritage of wine”
  • Andrea Rinaldi, President of the UK Sommelier Association and Chairman of the AIS Club London “The Evolution of wine and food pairing”
  • Mario Bruzzone, Managing Director, Marketing Projects House Ltd. “Quality Control in large scale retail"
  • Roberto Costa, Patron of MacellaioRC “The bovine meat industry and the quality of Italian products“